Bike Culture in BEr-Lin!

Wandering through an active Berlin neighborhood such as Kreuzberg, it is easy to spot a bicycle shop or repair service on most streets. Bike storage, extensive lanes, and bike rentals around the city also encourage and accommodate cycling as not only a viable mode but a principal mode for traversing the city, for residents and visitors alike. Designated cycling routes, city tours by bicycle, and other cycling events, further cement the activity’s standing not only as a reliable means of traveling from one place to another but of fully exploring and experiencing all the city has to offer.

bb.jpgCycling is woven into the fabric of the city. The paths, those already laid and those still to be forged, weave the city’s history and its present together in a vibrant tapestry. This tapestry is not intended for passive, static viewing, but is to be experienced physically, in motion. Cycling through, around and across Berlin allows cyclists to write a unique story while taking in the city’s rich history.

The best way to discover the local beauties is with local guides, for breathtaking moments.