Minimalism – for a happy and respectful life

Everyone seems to care only about generating profits. Starting from big corporations the only aim is to make money and influence people to buy every day more and more. Strategical marketing, influencers, investments just for letting us think we need the stuff they sell. Black fridays, queues outside stores to get the last phone models, brain washing.

Fast fashion, for more and more clothes that you can buy for just 5§, to let you think ooh woow i feel good, i’m rich, i can afford all this stuff..

But nobody tells you what’s really beyond the 5 dollars T-shirt you bought.

From the other side of the world, in Bangladesh, there is the effort of a young woman, working for 3 dollars a day, who can’t even afford to raise up her child and can see him just twice a year. There is the blood of fellow workers dying everyday for terrible working conditions. There is the pollution caused by these multinational using chemical products in cotton fields and which affect our air, our oceans, our health. dd

Diseases which are then just another source of income for big companies, selling you drugs that don’t solve the problem at all. For them any damage is a win-win-win situation.

Capitalism is killing us, is killing our planet, is killing our values because a society where there’s no respect for other people lives, is not a model to copy or to appreciate.

Is this the world we want for our children to grow ? Is this that brings added value to our lives? Is really this we wanna leave as moral heritage to the next generations?

I can’t change the world alone but we can try to make it a better place together with our daily decisions .

Don’t let you influence, look for the real truth, act now.

Happiness is not buying things and even less generating profits!



Remote working, the most innovative and productive way to live our lives.

When thinking about work we still imagine the classic 9 to 5 way of getting through the day and get all things done. In US and many other countries the 9 to 5 model is already forgotten but why this is not the case in most of the countries in Europe.

Why should we still force the employee to stuck in traffic for hours just to handle a work that could be easly done from home or anywhere. REMOTE WORKING can change our lives.

We should start now asking even all the mutlinational companies to switch toremote work, it brings more productivity and a better way of life for everyone. It’s the classic win-win situation.


Let’s do together something to bring some innovation to our culture that still persists with old mechanism.

Let’s reminde that life is once, now and is not only meant to live for working, for stressfull days or for collecting things, but moments and emotions.