Welcome to Trav-Elin, my travel and lifestyle blog, a place to find not only travel tips but inspiration and motivation for your journey to get the right mindset towards life and work.

At Trav-Elin it is my heart’s desire to help others realize their own dreams of finding the right approach to life balance, promoting a lifestyle which through travel and postive attitude will lead them to happiness. We can create some magic on our own. Happiness is a choice and positive thinking breed always positive results.

STOP IMAGINING and START LIVING. The key resides in you.


Hello, my name is Elena, I am 30 years old, from beautiful Italy.

I  have a deep passion for languages travelling & remote working.

I am an active MeetUp organizer and i’d like to create a community of passionate travellers who want to share ideas, tips and lifesyles around the world.


If you like to share your ideas, interests and surround yourself with a happy and genuine person, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in contact > elghidini@gmail.com    or visit me on FB page: EYE BERLIN