Digital nomad feel at home in Berlin!

If any city is ideally suited for digital nomad travel bloggers living in Europe, it’s Berlin.  It’s one of the most popular enclaves for travel blogger expats, and there are plenty of reasons for that.  Some examples?

It’s got an entrepreneurial spirit.  Berlin has become the center for entrepreneurship in Europe — from creative businesses to tech start-ups.  With so many entrepreneurs in town, there are always events going on geared toward networking and sharing some of the excitement that grows from building a business from scratch.

It’s affordable.  Berlin is an extraordinarily affordable city considering the value that you get, especially compared to cities like London and Paris.  One reason is that there is much more housing than there are people, and the city has quite a sprawl, so rents are kept low.

If you like riding a bike through a city – Berlin is exactly the place. Berlin is the single most bike-friendly city I’ve ever visited. There are bike lanes all over the place and even separate stoplights for bikes.



It’s hip Berlin is the cutting-edge cultural capital of Europe, and from subway dance parties to avant-garde eateries, the Berlin creativity permeates every aspect of life and art.




Travelling and working abroad make us smarter

The attraction of travelling and working abroad is clear – earning foreign currency, meeting new people, travelling to wonderful destinations and working at globally recognised companies. There are a number of ways that working in a foreign country can help you kick-start your career and grow as a person.


“Poor but sexy.” That’s how former mayor Klaus Wowereit once aptly described the German capital. Today, Berlin is more often referred to as Europe’s Silicon Valley, home to over 2,500 tech start-ups. In the last decade, entrepreneurs and engineers have done exactly what artists did after the Wall came down 26 years ago: They’ve flocked here for the cheap rents and thriving music and nightlife scenes, and to join a huge community of creative expats.  And those artists? They’re still here. Now, though, they’re embarking on major projects that will leave their mark on not just Berlin but Europe itself.

If you’re looking for things to do in Berlin, there’s plenty of activities and attractions in store for you. Book your flight to this wonderful city!








Digital Marketing: from AI to Ephemeral Marketing and Virtual Reality: future digital trends of 2017

The sphere of digital marketing is about to become the most complex of all time and the brands are “embracing” different paradigms and are working on a set of tools to deal with the scenario changes.

This 2017 has many changes in the pipeline ready to leverage the hyper-connected generation, and to walk the thin line that divides the Automation human interaction.

Ephemeral Marketing, via Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: these are the digital trends that are gradually taking shape and will have a major impact on marketing and communication.

The triumph of Artificial Intelligencedd.jpg

According to research of Weber Shandwick, 68% of CMOs said that their companies are already in the planning stages AI, or are already using the technology. While 2016 was pointing towards the importance of Artificial Intelligence, 2017 will require its use.  Investments this year are going to triple, and will be the same AI technology to drive the business decisions opening.

Will the brand be ready to take up the challenge and opportunities represented by all these digital breaking trend?


Bio Products in Berlin – Good buy


Recently, I discovered the products of Wyld, which stand out directly because of their unusual and beautiful packaging. A beautiful, clear and modern design that I find very appealing between all the squeaky or old-fashioned packaging. But there is still a lot more in and behind the packaging. The still young company has so far positioned itself in the areas of muesli and superfoods.

All Wyld products have been developed together with experts, natural, 100% organic, free from additives and flavor enhancers. The company attaches great importance to high quality, which is strictly tested.

I have tested the Chia seeds, the Cacao Nibs and the low carb muesli currant (unfortunately not 100% vegan because it contains honey – but Wyld is not a pure vegan brand), and all the products are very good. The muesli tasted pleasantly less sweet than most others on the market. Stay updated with the last bio products trends.