Remote working, the most innovative and productive way to live our lives.

When thinking about work we still imagine the classic 9 to 5 way of getting through the day and get all things done. In US and many other countries the 9 to 5 model is already forgotten but why this is not the case in most of the countries in Europe.

Why should we still force the employee to stuck in traffic for hours just to handle a work that could be easly done from home or anywhere. REMOTE WORKING can change our lives.

We should start now asking even all the mutlinational companies to switch toremote work, it brings more productivity and a better way of life for everyone. It’s the classic win-win situation.


Let’s do together something to bring some innovation to our culture that still persists with old mechanism.

Let’s reminde that life is once, now and is not only meant to live for working, for stressfull days or for collecting things, but moments and emotions.



Digital nomad feel at home in Berlin!

If any city is ideally suited for digital nomad travel bloggers living in Europe, it’s Berlin.  It’s one of the most popular enclaves for travel blogger expats, and there are plenty of reasons for that.  Some examples?

It’s got an entrepreneurial spirit.  Berlin has become the center for entrepreneurship in Europe — from creative businesses to tech start-ups.  With so many entrepreneurs in town, there are always events going on geared toward networking and sharing some of the excitement that grows from building a business from scratch.

It’s affordable.  Berlin is an extraordinarily affordable city considering the value that you get, especially compared to cities like London and Paris.  One reason is that there is much more housing than there are people, and the city has quite a sprawl, so rents are kept low.

If you like riding a bike through a city – Berlin is exactly the place. Berlin is the single most bike-friendly city I’ve ever visited. There are bike lanes all over the place and even separate stoplights for bikes.



It’s hip Berlin is the cutting-edge cultural capital of Europe, and from subway dance parties to avant-garde eateries, the Berlin creativity permeates every aspect of life and art.